Access Solutions National Pty Ltd (ASN) is an Accredited Disability Access Consultants firm that strives to be the industry leader in providing advice specific to the Building Codes of Australia (BCA)  and referenced Australian Standards. The main Australian Standard that relates to the Disability Access Provisions is AS1428.1 - 2009. ASN also work closely with designers and organisations in the development of creative and innovative concepts that revolutionise the disability industry, whilst providing accurate and up-to-date information that facilitates an inclusive mindset - increasing the number of accessible opportunities for people with a disability.

ASN was founded in July of 2004 by Dale Sheppard. ASN is a flexible company that works collaboratively with organisations, as a consultant or secondary advisor. At ASN we are committed to providing accurate advice and creative solutions to increase the opportunities for people with a disability.

We work with single operators through to some of Australia's iconic corporate organisations such as Qantas Airways. We have a vast array of services and welcome the opportunity to work with and within any and all industries. If we could be a assistance please feel free to contact us.

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ASN provide a no obligation project proposal and official quotation for all access consulting works....
Access Auditing
Both desktop & onsite audits are carried out against stipulated requirements for...
Alternative Solutions
Documentation of alternative solutions where the deemed-to-satisfy provisions are not met...
Other ASN Services
Disability Awareness Training
The Realistic RACE is a fast paced training session based on the Amazing RACE. Participants "adopt" a disability condition and are required to complete challenges
Disability Access - Fact Sheets
Buy NOW - Disability Standards Factsheets, Checklists and information about Australian Standards for disability Access Provisons. Available online now
Wheelchair Gym

Disability Fitness

The Access Xpress is a wheelchair accessible home gym unit that can also cater for able bodied people.

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