Realistic Race

Realistic Race

The Amazing Race just got even more real!

Based on the Amazing Race concept, Access Solutions National P/L (ASN) are dedicated to their new training package known as the Realistic RACE.

The Realistic RACE was developed with the aim of taking training to the next level, getting participants out of the training room, away from slide shows overcrowded with dot points and into REALITY… Into a position where they experience first hand the accessibility issues faced by the public, their clients, their community.

The Realistic RACE involves all participants experiencing a disability condition for a brief amount of time whilst they complete a series of tasks. The tasks are designed specific for the company the RACE will be run in. These tasks will see that all participants experience the accessibility issues within the very building they work in (if you are a company) or around your whole town (if you are a Local Government).

The Realistic RACE is about challenging your very comfort zone, and stepping outside of the box. Individuals with disabilities that face these issues sure are out of their comfort zone feeling – excluded & forgotten.

The RACE is a hands on training that proves to be useful in raising awareness and changing attitudes. In the final 30 – 60 minutes of the RACE training time, there is a debrief session.

This debrief session is a pivotal point for most businesses and Local Governments as everything that is suggested is then turned into a Disability Action Plan (DAP).

The Realistic RACE is proved to have lasting effects as Adults are more likely to recall information learnt through experiential learning.

Accessibility is the key to equal opportunity.

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